Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Germination Times Four

The weather has been absolutely awful for seeds to germinate especially in the location I’ve chosen.  We’ve gotten some late afternoon sun after our home has shaded the back part of the garden in the past several days but overall it’s been extremely overcast, chilly with off and on rain for quite a few days now.  The good thing was that I didn’t have to water anything but I kept worrying that the seeds were just rotting.  I was grateful (and still am) that I have more seeds should I need to replant.  

I just came in from checking on the garden as it’s not raining at the moment.  I am very happy to report that four of the veggies have germinated.  They are:  Sweet Peas, Swiss Chard, Spinach and Beets.  If you notice on the map, the seeds that have germinated are close to the front of the garden.  All germinations are within the range the seed company advertised. 

The forecast over the weekend looks decent so I’ll be able to get out and do whatever thinning is necessary.  I’ll also take some photos to include with that post.   Hopefully Carrots and Beans will show their heads here soon. I plan to plant the cucumbers and tomatoes this weekend regardless of the weather.  I will also be checking on additional treatments for slugs and organic fertilizer.  I’m using Dr. Earth fertilizer. 

On another note we did eat some of the leaves from the lettuce plants that are in pots the other evening.  There were not enough for it to be the full salad but they did add to the existing lettuce to make a full salad.  They look beautiful and had a very fresh taste.  I need to separate these plants and place them farther apart.  They are doing well in the pots so I will try to just remove some of the plants and put them in the garden in the back but leave some plants in pots as I’ve heard that lettuce is frequently targeted by slugs in the ground.

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